20th November, 2021 (Saturday)

STARTING TIME: 10:00 am onward EVENT DURATION: Preliminary Round- 10:00 am to 12:30pm  Mains – 1:30 pm to 3:30 pm


THEME OF EVENT: “Civil Government and the Higher Law.”:

About Event

EVENT RATIONALE: Democracy is not a new concept to India. India has a long tradition of tolerance of different views and creeds, which is the hall-mark of any true democracy. There is also considerable evidence of widespread existence of democratic institutions in ancient India. The Indian Constitution which came into force on 26 January, 1950, has set up a democratic form of government. By a democratic form of government is meant a government which is based on the consent of the governed. It is a system in which free public opinion is the main source of law and in which the government depends upon public opinion and responds to changes in public opinion

One of the rationales of democracy is that in it everybody gets a chance to be heard. All citizens have the right to express their opinions freely and thereby contribute to the taking of right decisions and passing of good laws that govern the country. In order to actively and meaningfully participate in the democratic functioning of our civic and political institutions, citizens are required to have certain competencies. Not on a few occasions do we observe that normal rules of discussion are violated by the people who manage civic and political affairs. Decorum which is essential for making any discussion purposeful is flouted and participants are swayed by emotions. Many a time discussions become one sided in the sense that only the more vocal people present their views and others sit as silent observers. As a result various aspects of a problem are not presented properly, and consequently appropriate decisions are not taken.

It is, therefore, necessary that at college level a suitable programme is devised to train students for their role as citizens in a democracy. Education should make students competent enough to consider public issues and form their opinion on them judiciously. Youth is a season of hope and aspiration. It is proper to take advantage of this and develop in our young students the necessary civic competence.

By way of organizing this event, RDIAS provides a platform to the youngsters to voice their opinions and help formulate decision making for the masses. Issues of national interest are discussed in the forum.

  • Round 1: Preliminary Round

The premier round of the event will witness speakers from around the nation indulging in a mind boggling heated debate session. Each participant would be given 3 minutes time to speak on the below mentioned topic followed by interjections from the fellow competitors. A lobbying session would be organized for discussions on the agenda.

Topic: “Relevance of reservation system in the 21st century reflecting the

Indian economic instability.”


  • Round 2: Mains

The final round of the event would be conducted post lunch. Ten best speakers from Round 1 will be shortlisted who would be competing for the best debater award. Each participant would be given 3 minutes time to speak on the below mentioned topic followed by the interjections from the fellow competitors.

Topic: “One Nation, One Election.”

Certificate of Participation

E-certificate shall be provided to all the participants who will successfully register and fill the feedback form after the completion of Event.


First Position: Rs.3, 000

Second Position: Rs.2, 000

Third Position: Rs.1, 000

Registration Fee
Rs. 250 Per Participants (External)
Rs. 150 Per Participants (Internal)

The registration fee can only be paid through online mode and link for the same is available in registration form.


Registrations up to November 19, 2021 will be considered. Interested participants can register themselves through the given link:


Ms. Richa Mehta


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