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Global Summit 4.0

About the Conference

The RDIAS Model United Nations [RDIAS MUN] Conference was established in the year 2018 with the goal of empowering the youth to help shape a better tomorrow for a sustainable society. Looking at the enthusiasm of the delegates in the first two sessions, we launched the premier edition of RDIAS International MUN under the flagship event of ‘RDIAS Global Summit’. Going by the overwhelming response of the stakeholders, we now return with the Fourth edition of the event. RDIAS Global Summit 4.0 will witness speakers from around the globe debate on the most pressing issues concerning masses. With the delegates divided into four core committees and an international press, issues pertinent to the recent scenarios will be discussed.

The Summit is designed in such a way as to provide prospects to harness and advance opportunities for the leaders of tomorrow. It aims to encourage aspiring premiers by offering them a platform to exhibit their speech and diplomatic skills. From debates on economic conflicts to international security threats to global social crises, MUN addresses real world concerns to equip the participating young adults with practical and applicable expertise.

The theme of the event is concomitant with this year’s theme for United Nations General Assembly’s 78th Session, i.e., “Rebuilding Trust and Reigniting Global Solidarity: Vision 2030“.


RDIAS Global Summit 4.0


All India Political Parties Meet

United nations general Assembly

Commission on the Status of Women

International press

International press


Shlok Bhatia
Secretary General

About Me..

Aayush Sisodia
Director General

About Me..

Bhavyanshi Goel
Deputy Secretary General

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Rs. 1000 for National Delegates.

USD 10$ for International Delegates

PRIZE: Best Delegate– Rs. 5,000 (for each committee)

High Commendation 1- Rs. 3,500 (for each committee)

High Commendation 2– Rs. 2,000 (for each committee)

Best International Press Reporter – Rs. 2,000 (only one)

All participants of the event will be awarded with e-certificates.

Last Date of Registration: 5th May, 2024 .

Terms and Conditions

Eligibility Criteria- Who can participate?

  1. RDIAS MUN welcomes youth from all over the world who want to have experience in Model United Nations or have high interest in global affairs.
  2. Students from Class IX till post graduate courses can participate in the MUN.


  1. A payment of Rs.1200 will be charged from the participant.
  2. All fees are non-refundable.

Privacy and Intellectual Property Rights

  1. RDIAS MUN reserves the right to utilize all data submitted by individuals and to collect data in the form of photographs or videos during the event without limitations.
  2. All participants agree that no data, results, and materials for use in RDIAS MUN will be disseminated by means of commercial publications, reports, or any other form without the express written consent from RDIAS MUN of which these products, data, results and materials are its exclusive property.
  3. RDIAS MUN reserves the right to update and change information without further notice.

Dress Code

All clothing must portray professionalism as expected in diplomatic settings. If attire is deemed inappropriate by RDIAS MUN staff, individuals may be asked to leave the session and return with appropriate attire.

Delegates should follow proper dress code (boys and girls) which is as under:

(a) Trouser

(b) Shirt plain full sleeves.

(c) Neck Tie (optional)

(d) Decent Shoes/Belly

(e) Turban: (for Sikh students only)

(f) Indian Kurta (Optional for delegates of AIPPM Committee only)

Code and Conduct

  1. Participants hereby certify by completing the registration process that all information submitted is truthful and accurate. The participants understand that falsification of any information provided will disqualify him or her from participation in RDIAS MUN and future MUN activities and falsification of information or impersonation may result in legal actions.
  2. Participants agree that all materials produced for this conference will be original work.
  3. The organizer is committed in providing an environment that is free of harassment. We’ll be warning the harasser to cease his or her behaviour, or ending the talk early if she/he uses inappropriate language or images, or requiring a harasser to leave the convention immediately, or banning a harasser from future events or for a certain time period.
  4. Delegates have to act kindly and courteously towards other delegates, without violating personal boundaries of others (i.e.: racism, discrimination, hate speech, false information, and sexual harassment both verbally and physically).
  5. RDIAS MUN does not tolerate any violations that were mentioned above. The penalized of the violations will result to be exempted from the conference and prohibited to join in the future.
  6. Participants agree to accept and abide by this Code of Conduct.


Shlok Bhatia (Secretary General) +91- 7291818009

Aayush Sisodia (Director General) +91-9654567500


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