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Employee Book Publication
SerialName of the Faculty MemberBook TitlePublication TypeCategoryTitle of ConferenceIst AuthorCo-authors (if any)Name of PublisherNational /InterNationalMonth & Year ISBNLinkRemarks
1Manoj Kumar GuptaOperating Systems( ISBN : 978-93-81638-8 )BookCompiledYDinesh VermaGpHNational20-Jan-06 978-93-81638-8Download
2Manoj Kumar GuptaOperating System Concepts and Networking( ISBN : 81-89086-58-8 )BookCompiledNS. RoyGpHNational2006 81-89086-58-8Download
3Anil Kumar GoyalIndia's Export Perspective And Sectoral Trends( ISBN : 978-81-314-1929 )ChapterEditedYDr. V K GuptaThe Icfai University PressNational20-Jan-08978-81-314-1929Downloadno document attached, not as per iPU syllabus
4Anil Kumar GoyalIndia & China Emerging Superpowers( ISBN : 978-81-314-1630 )ChapterEditedYElizabeth Renju KoshyThe Icfai University PressNational2008978-81-314-1630DownloadNo document attached, Not as per IPU syllabus
5A Lenin JothiFinancial Mathematics( ISBN : 978-81-8488-585 )ChapterEditedNHimalaya Publishing House, MumNational2009978-81-8488-585Downloadno document, delete
6A Lenin JothiNAChapterEditedNHimalaya Publishing House, MumNational2009NADownloadno document, delete
7A Lenin JothiNAChapterEditedNHimalaya Publishing House, MumNational2009NADownloadno document, delete
8A Lenin JothiNAChapterEditedNHimalaya Publishing House, MumNational2009NADownloadno document, delete
9A Lenin JothiNAChapterEditedNDr. P. K. GuptaHimalaya Publishing House, MumNational20-Jan-09NADownloadno document, delete
10A Lenin JothiNAChapterEditedNDr. P. K. GuptaHimalaya Publishing House, MumNational2009NADownloadno document, delete
11A Lenin JothiNAChapterEditedNDr. P. K. GuptaHimalaya Publishing House, MumNational2009NADownloadno document, delete
12Anil Kumar GoyalTalent Management In India Challenges And Opportunities( ISBN : 978-81-269-1265 )ChapterEditedNV N Bajpai & D K TripathiAtlantic Publishers And DistriNational2009978-81-269-1265DownloadNo document attached, Not as per IPU syllabus
13Gaurav JindalSoftware TestingBookReferenceYSun India PublicationsNational20-Jan-09NADownload
14Manoj Kumar GuptaEmerging Trends, Technologies And Programming Paradigms( ISBN : 9789381970416 )BookEditedNDr. S. K. Shrivastav, Rakesh Kr. AroraGpHNational20099789381970416Download
15Timcy SachdevaNAChapterEditedNM GandhiExcel India PublicationsNational20-Jan-09NADownloadno document, delete
16Gaurav JindalObject Oriented Software Engineering( ISBN : 9788124115473 )BookReferenceYArun BakshiHar-anand Publications Pvt. LtNational20-Jan-109788124115473Download
17Gaurav JindalFormulae's And Functions( ISBN : 9788126649129 )ChapterTextYIgnouNational20-Jan-109788126649129Download
18Charu ChhabraData Mining And Warehousing ( ISBN : 978-93-82247-10 )BookReferenceYNonEGenius Publications National2011978-93-82247-10Downloaddelete
19Charu ChhabraNANANANANNANANA2011NADownloaddelete
20Gaurav JindalProgramming In C Using Linux( ISBN : 9788124116517 )BookReferenceNArun Bakshi, Ritu Aggarwal, Sumit ChauhanHar-anand Publications Pvt. LtNational20-Jan-119788124116517Download
21Gaurav JindalSnapshot Utility( ISBN : 9788126655779 )ChapterTextYIgnouNational20119788126655779Download
22Gaurav JindalIndustry Perspective( ISBN : 9788126656226 )ChapterTextYIgnouNational20-Jan-119788126656226Download
23Gaurav JindalWindows System Security( ISBN : 9788126656523 )ChapterTextYIgnouNational20-Jan-119788126656523Download
24Gaurav JindalWebserver Security( ISBN : 9788126656547 )BookTextYIgnouNational20119788126656547Download
25Vidhi TyagiTaklent Retention In Academics( ISBN : 9788181825087 )ChapterTextYDr. george ThomasIndus Valley PublicationsNational20119788181825087Download
26A Lenin JothiMarketing Mix For Services (chapter in marketing: Forms And Strategies)( ISBN : 978-81-7708-323 )ChapterEditedNNew Century Publications, NewNational2012978-81-7708-323Downloadno document, delete
27Gaurav JindalComputer Fundamentals( ISBN : 9789381505205 )BookReferenceYSakshi Sahani, Poonam JindalWisdom PublicationsNational20-Jan-129789381505205Download
28Gaurav JindalComputer Applications In Management( ISBN : 9789381505052 )BookTextYSakshi SahaniWisdom PublicationsNational20-Jan-129789381505052Download
29Gaurav JindalProject Management( ISBN : 9789381505212 )BookReferenceYRakhi GuptaWisdom PublicationsNational20129789381505212Download
30Rakhee ChhibberLinux & X-Window ProgrammingChapterTextNGuru Das Singh And Manmeer KapoorBhavya BooksNational20-Jan-12NADownload
31A Lenin JothiArt & Science of Leadership in Business Enterprises (Edited)( ISBN : 978-93-82122-14 )ChapterEditedNDr. G B Sita Ram & Ms. Upasna DiwanUDH Publishers and DistributorNational2013978-93-82122-14Downloadno document, delete
32Rakhee ChhibberJAVA Programming & Website designChapterTextNAshish KhannaBhavya BookxNational20-Jan-13NADownload
33Anil Kumar GoyalContemporary Management Practices: Opportunities and Challenges( ISBN : 978-93-83842-42 )BookEditedYExcel IndiaNational2014978-93-83842-42DownloadNo document attached, not as per IPU syllabus
34Nidhi BhasinA Study On Impact Of Cosmetics' Television Advertising On Purchase Decision Of Generation Z Females( ISBN : 9789383263073 )BookCompiledYRicha JoshiOrange Books InternationalInternational20-Jan-149789383263073Download
35Parul SharmaWomen in Information Technology and their work life balance( ISBN : 978-81-8387-677 )ChapterTextYSerials Publication Pvt.LtdNational2014978-81-8387-677Downloadno document, delete
36A Lenin JothiBusiness Mathematics( ISBN : 978-93-5202-555 )ChapterEditedYHimalaya Publishing House, MumNational2015978-93-5202-555Downloadno document, delete
37Anil Kumar GoyalMake in India- Emerging Trends in Trade & Innovations for Effective Entrepreneurship( ISBN : 978-93-84869-51 )BookEditedYExcel India PublishersNational2015978-93-84869-51DownloadNo document attached, Not as per IPU syllabus
38Divya ChowdhryPractice Dynamics Of Business Economics & Entrepreneurship Development( ISBN : 978-93-843 )ChapterTextYYesYadav Publications Private LimNational2015 978-93-843Downloadno document, delete
39Divya ChowdhryAn Insight into Contemporary Researches in Business( ISBN : 978-3-639-86000 )ChapterTextYYesScholar?s Press, edited by PinNational2015978-3-639-86000Downloadno document, delete
40Kamini RaiVenture Capital In India: Role, Challenges And Development( ISBN : 978-93-84161-95 )ChapterTextYDominant Publisher National2015978-93-84161-95Download
41Manoj Kumar GuptaComputer Science And It: Trends, Challenges And Issues( ISBN : 9789384869120 )BookEditedYNeetu GoelExcel PublishersNational20159789384869120Download
42Madhu AroraNew Insight To Management( ISBN : 97833300127007 )BookEditedYNoLambert Academic Publishing GeInternational201697833300127007DownloadNot as per IPU syllabus
43Rupakshi GaurNABookTextNGalgotia Publishing HousENational2016978391283Downloaddelete
44Rupakshi GaurPersonality Development And Communication Skills I( ISBN : 978-93-86184-04 )BookTextNGalgotia Publishing HouseNational2016978-93-86184-04Download
45Anil Kumar GoyalParadigm Shift In World Economy: Opportunities And Challenges( ISBN : 978-1-63535-729 )BookEditedYDr. Tripti ToorEnriched PublicationNational2017978-1-63535-729DownloadNo attachment, Not as per IPU syllabus
46Madhu AroraA Research On Consumption Pattern And Attributes Of Curd( ISBN : 978333007894918 )BookEditedYDr. Anshu LochabLambert Academic GermanyInternational2017978333007894918DownloadNot as per ipu syllabus
47Madhu AroraLinking CSR and Financial Performance: An Empirical Study from Indian Perspective ( ISBN : 9783330009622 )ChapterEditedYNoLambert Academic GermanyInternational20179783330009622DownloadNot as per ipu syllabus
48Akanksha UpadhyayaThree-Level GIS Data Security: Conjointly Cryptography and Digital Watermarking( ISBN : 978-981-10-8536 )ChapterEditedNMonika BansalSpringer NatureInternational2018978-981-10-8536Download
49Anil Kumar GoyalDisruptive Technologies: Path Ahead 2023( ISBN : 9788193463475 )BookEditedNEnriched PublisherNational20189788193463475DownloadNot as per IPU syllabus
50Madhu AroraNANANANANNoNAInternational2018NADownloadDelete
51Madhu AroraResearchers Pivot On Commerce And Management( ISBN : 9786139841189 )BookEditedYRupali AroraLambert Academic PublishingInternational20189786139841189DownloadNot as per IPU syllabus
52Madhu AroraA Study On Price Fluctuation Of Tomato( ISBN : 9766139847952 )ChapterEditedYLaPInternational20189766139847952DownloadNot as per ipu syllabus
53Madhu AroraMarketing Strategy of White Page International( ISBN : 9786139971541 )ChapterEditedYGarima BawejaLambert GermanyInternational20189786139971541Downloadnot as per ipu syllabus
54Madhu AroraA Study of Gender Perception towards Campus Bazaar- A Paying Guest Accommodation( ISBN : 9786139971541 )BookEditedYMadhur SharmaLambert GermanYInternational20189786139971541DownloadNot as per IPU syllabus
55Madhu AroraA Conceptual Study on Learning of Students Using Live Projects( ISBN : 9786139971541 )BookEditedYNishtha SharmaLambert GermanYInternational20189786139971541DownloadNot as per ipu syllabus
56Anil Kumar GoyalEmerging Trends In Management Practices 2019( ISBN : 9788193945704 )BookEditedNEnriched PublicationsNational20199788193945704DownloadNo document attached, Not as per IPU syllabus
57Anil Kumar GoyalPolitical, Economic And Institutional Determinants Of Fdi : A Study On Br Ics Countries( ISBN : 978-81-943363-0 )ChapterEditedYAnuragamInternational20-Jan-19978-81-943363-0DownloadNo document attached, Not as per IPU syllabus
58Anurag TiruwaNAChapterEditedYProf. Rajan Yadav, Prof. P. K. SuriSpringerInternational2019NADownloadNo document
59Madhu AroraAn Empirical Research On Male And Female Discernment Towards Aviation Preflight Services( ISBN : 9789386677648 )ChapterEditedYNoManakin PressNational20199789386677648Downloadnot as per ipu syllabus
60Pooja BahlConsumer Endorsement: A Powerful Marketing Tool( ISBN : 978-93-88630-94 )ChapterTextYBloomsbury IndiANational2019978-93-88630-94Downloadnot as per iPU syllabus
61Sunil KumarOrganisational Culture and its impact on Employee?s Performance and Job Satisfaction: An empirical S( ISBN : - )ChapterEditedYGupta, A.Zakir Husain Delhi College, UnNational20-Jan-19NADownloaddelete
62Sunil KumarBehavior and Business: A study of Investor?s Behavioral towards Investment Decision in Stock Market( ISBN : - )ChapterEditedNKumar, S.National2019NADownloaddelete
63Abha GuptaSIGNIFICANCE OF LIVE PROJECTS TO EMPLOYABILITY FOR HIGHER EDUCATION: AN EMPIRICAL STUDY ( ISBN : 978-81-936606-2 )ChapterEditedNDr. Madhu AroraNANational20-Jan-20978-81-936606-2DownloadNot as per IPU syllabus
64Akanksha UpadhyayaResearches on Hapiness And Performance Management( ISBN : 978-620-2-51315 )BookEditedNDr. Madhu Arora, Bhajneet KaurLambert Academic PublishingInternational2020978-620-2-51315Download
65Akanksha UpadhyayaPerformance Management: Happiness and Keeping Pace with Technology( ISBN : 978-0-367-46667 )ChapterEditedNNikhil ChawlaTaylor And FrancisInternational2020978-0-367-46667Download
66Anurag TiruwaSentiment Analysis: An Effective Way of Interpreting Consumer’s Inclinations Towards a Brand ChapterTextYSpringerInternational2020NADownload
67Bhajneet Kaur AhujaChapter- Modeling the Factors Affecting Crime Against Women: Using ISM Technique, Book Name: Algorit( ISBN : 978-981-15-0222 )ChapterTextYDr. Laxmi Ahuja, Dr. Vinay KumarSpringer, SingaporeInternational2020978-981-15-0222Download
68Bhajneet Kaur AhujaResearches on Happiness and Performance management( ISBN : 978-620-2-51315 )BookEditedNLAP Lambert academic publishingInternational2020978-620-2-51315Download
69Madhu AroraHappiness And Performance Management In Globalised Business Scenario( ISBN : 978620050088 )BookEditedYUpasan DiwanLap Lambert Acdemic PublishingInternational2020978620050088Downloadnot as per ipu syllabus
70Madhu AroraResearches On Happiness And Performance Management( ISBN : 9786202513159 )BookEditedYAkanksha Sharma And Bhajneet KaurLambert Acedemic PublishingInternational20209786202513159Downloadnot as per ipu syllabus
71Richa MehtaNAChapterCompiledYDr. Smita MishraPuffins Publishers Pvt. Ltd.National2020NADownloadno document , delete
72Smita MishraNABookTextYMs. Richa MehtaPuffins Publishers Pvt. Ltd.National20-Jan-20NADownloadNo document
73Upasana DiwanHappiness And Performance Management In Globalized Business Scenario( ISBN : 978-620-0-50088 )BookEditedNDr. Madhu AroraLambert Academic PublishingInternational2020978-620-0-50088DownloadNot as per IPU syllabus
74Abha GuptaHuman Resource: PEOPLE, PROCESS AND TECHNOLOGY ( ISBN : 9788194116264 )ChapterTextNDr. Sunil KumarBharti PublicationsNational20199788194116264DownloadNot as per IPU syllabus
75Abha GuptaContemporary Trends in Business and Finance : Indian Perspective( ISBN : - )ChapterTextYDr. Sunil KumarNANational20-Jan-19NADownloadNot as per IPU syllabus
76Abha GuptaImpact of IT support system on KM attitude, innovation and job performance: Mediating role of KM AttitudeChapterEditedNDr. Sunil KumarNANational20-Jan-19NADownloadNot as per IPU syllabus