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Mastering Green Six Sigma & Digital Marketing

Mr. Nishant Tyagi

Program Coordinator

Course Overview

When applied to Digital marketing, Six Sigma allows marketers to see problems through the eyes of the stakeholders and customers, measure and analyse the results and improve upon the process. This programme has been divided into three major phases- Learning six sigma basics & implementation, Digital marketing certificate workshop and finally correlating six sigma with Digital marketing. Such a programme can help students during graduation or post-graduation as  Six sigma enabled marketing is relevant in the majority of domains including manufacturing, operations, HR, Banking & finance, FMCG, IT, Telecom etc. Mentioning Six sigma/Digital marketing in Skills or certificates section in students’ CV can give them an extra edge & advantage. 

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Course Key Features
  • Implementation of Six sigma in the domain of Digital marketing
  • Programme based on practical exposure & use-case scenarios
  • External working professional in the industry is involved
  • Student will be certified after the completion of programme

Skills Covered

  • Lean Six Sigma & its implementation
  • Training for Green Belt- Six sigma certification
  • Digital marketing & role of ICT in various industrial scenarios
  • Flow charts & technology usage in real-time scenarios
  • Improving consulting/analysing/marketing capabilities
  • Mastering Lean principles & SEO techniques


Sessions will be based on pre-documented modules including case studies, multimedia, Q&A sessions, Activities & other brainstorming sessions. Mr. Nishant will be facilitator for for six sigma-green belt certificate preparations & its correlation with Digital marketing. During these sessions, Digital marketing workshops will be kept separate & will be handled by Dr. Rahul Wargad & his team from Elixir Panacea Consultancy Services. There will be continuous evaluations as well as certificates for Digital marketing (only) from Elixir Panacea Consultancy Services.  Students performing exceptionally well can also get shortlisted for live project/internships/placements.

Course Curriculum

  • Eligibility: Student who has pursuing under graduation and Post-graduation with basic analytical capabilities
  • Pre-Requisites: No such pre-requisite required for this programme. Basic knowledge of E-commerce and office tools will be an advantage.

There will be three assessments as well as feedback for all three phases in this programme. After every one session, assessment will be conducted. Apart from this, continuous brainstorming sessions, group discussions & quizzes will be done in every class to engage the students in a more effective manner.

Assessment 1: 30 Marks- Six Sigma

Assessment 2: 30 Marks-Digital Marketing

Assessment 3: 30 Marks- Implementation of Six sigma into Digital marketing

Attendance: 10 Marks- Minimum 85% attendance is required to qualify the course


Section 1: Six sigma introduction & its implementation


Resource Person: Nishant Tyagi


Lesson 1: Six Sigma Overview [0.5 hour]

Lesson 2: Six Sigma Metrics [0.5 hour]

Lesson 3: Voice of Customer [1 hour]

Lesson 4: Basic Quality tools & Statistical concepts [1 hour]

Lesson 5: Basic project management & Planning tools [1 hour]

Lesson 6: Capability Analysis [1 hour]







5 hours [ 1 hour/day that is 5 days]

Section 2: Digital marketing workshop with certificate


Resource Person: Dr. Rahul Balbhim Wargad

Lesson 1: Digital Marketing introduction & facts [4 hours]

Lesson 2: Website Development [4 hours]

Lesson 3: Keyword search/analysis, SEO, socializing [4 hours]

Lesson 4: LOGO, Maps, Search console, Registering property [4 hours]

Lesson 5: Analytics, Blog making [4 hours]

Lesson 6: Affiliate marketing, Content marketing, PPC, CPC [4 Hours]

Lesson 7: Social media marketing (Youtube, LinkedIN, Facebook), Email marketing, #Hashtag [4 Hours]

Lesson 8: Mobile Marketing, Reputation Marketing [4 hours]











32 hours [ 4 hours/day that is 8 days]

Session 3: correlating six sigma & digital marketing


Resource Person: Nishant Tyagi


Lesson 1: Control Charting [1 hour]

Lesson 2: Lean Principles [1 hour]

Lesson 3: Integration of Six sigma with marketing [0.5 hour]

Lesson 4: Significance of Six sigma in Digital marketing [0.5 hour]







3 hours [1 hour/day that is 3 days]

Course Instructor

Dr. Rahul Balbhim Wargad

Proprietor - Elixir Panacea Consultancy Services

Dr Rahul Balbhim Wargad Designation: Proprietor – Elixir Panacea Consultancy Services (Consultation & Trainings in Telecom & OSS/BSS domain)  Experience: Driven major IT initiatives in Setting up Data Centres  for Convergent Billing and Customer Care Systems (OSS/BSS) for Wire line and Broadband Business. Designing and Planning solution for Convergent billing and Customer Care solution for Enterprise Business involving Integration with Wireless (GSM, CDMA , WCDMA, LTE) , Wire line, Broadband , FTTH ,Leased Line (MPLS and MLLN). In-depth knowledge of Telecom Switching, Transmission, MPLS,GSM, CDMA, WCDMA, WIMAX, LTE, 5G ,Convergence of Telecom Networks, Software Defined Networks (SDN) , Network Function virtualization(NFV) , IOT & M2M.

National and International clients for training assignments–

o Tech Mahindra,

o Elitecore Technologies ( Now Sterlite)

o TCS, Wipro

o Infosys

o Africa – Sudatel , Sudan

o Whale Cloud a Alibaba Group company, China

o Vitenam – Viettel

o UAE – Etisalat

o Conducted training cum certification for 300 Corporates in the OSS / BSS

Domain for the certifications offered by Elixir Panacea Consultancy Services


Author of the popular book “OSS/BSS for Converged Telecommunication

Networks – A Practical Approach”

Mr.Nishant Tyagi

Assistant Professor
Rukmini devi Institute of Advanced Studies
Rohini, Delhi

Mr. Nishant Tyagi

Experience: Management and consulting full-time exposure with brands like Google, Ernst & Young and Lepton. Live projects into learning & development domain with organisations like Great Learning, Urban Pro, Hughes systique corporation and Vodafone.

2+ years of work experience in academics. Green belt Six sigma trainer & consultant for IT based learning courses.

Qualification: B.tech (IT) – Jamia Hamdard, Delhi

MBA (Systems/IT)- Symbiosis International university, Pune

Publications: White paper published in UGC recognised journal al-Prayukti on Block chain technology.

Programme Fees

Price per student for getting certified or attending sessions in Digital marketing from Elixir Panacea Consultancy Services is 5,000 (INR)

There is no charge for Six Sigma certification preparation classes.

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